We believe music can be a powerful driver of social change and a way to rally like-minded people to an important cause. 


Americans United for Separation of Church and State (www.au.org) is a 65-year-old organization that is the leading defender of the Constitution’s guarantee that America will remain a democracy and not become a theocracy run according to anybody’s religious agenda. Our current efforts include:

  • Challenging attempts to define marriage and family based on narrow theology
  • Supporting the provision of contraception to all women
  • Preventing religious leaders from electioneering from the pulpit
  • Insisting that candidates and elected officials support the public good, not a narrow religious agenda
  • Defending a strong public school system that welcomes all children
  • Opposing the use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize discriminatory religious schools and “faith-based” ministries


We seek to raise the visibility of church-state separation and rally Americans to stand in support of this threatened constitutional principle. This production will also help raise funds for Americans United, a uniquely valuable and effective organization. It is essential for AU to keep doing what it does best: represent in court persons who are targets of religious oppression by government officials, stand up for individual freedom in Congress and the state legislatures and speak out in the media and other public forums.


Want to get involved? Great! Here’s what you can do:

Organize a Show: Check out our guidelines and let us know that you want to help.

Attend: Please sign up for our email list. We will be opening concerts for registration in mid-August and we will send RSVP instructions via email. House concerts will each have a tax-deductible suggested donation.

Join Macklemore, and others, as one of the Voices United by Creating a Video: We want to know why you support church-state separation! Tell us why in a video, upload it to YouTube, email us the link and we may feature it on our website, Facebook and Twitter! At a loss for words?  Check out our sample scripts here.

Spread the Word: Use social media. Tell Your Friends! We’ll help you help us by providing talking points.


How will performers be matched up with venues?

If you are a performer willing to donate a concert in the second half of September, email Catie.

Who is producing all of this?

Singer/songwriter Catie Curtis.

Is this a partisan or political event?

No. Americans United is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and does not endorse or oppose candidates. There will, of course, be some discussion of the issues we deal with, but there will be no partisan content. We will not accept funding from any PAC or political party.